a-Peer HG, LLC

Joint Venture Business in China:

a-Peer Synergy Shanghai Culture and Technology Co., Ltd.

Suite 107, Block B, Guangji Road
Hongkou District, Shanghai,
China 200434

+86 (21) 6167-2628

a-Peer Synergy's pioneering technology builds large online audiences and increases sales revenue in China's massive mobile market.

It provides an expressway to international artists and companies for securely selling their digital and physical products in China. Its business service offerings include:

  • Digital Content Sales
  • Concert Tours and Artist Development
  • Marketing and Promotions
  • Live Concert Streaming to Chinese and International Audiences
  • Digital Broadcasting Services
  • Onsite and Online Education Services
  • Business Services to International Companies
    East-West Cultural Bridge
    a-Peer Synergy was the first company to stream live concerts at high quality and reliably in and out of China. This e-business streaming platform, branded as an East-West Cultural Bridge, acts as an expressway for international artists entering the China market and for Chinese artists promoting and performing to international audiences. a-Peer's unique business technologies protects intellectual property and ensures all royalties are paid to artists and rights holders.

    a-Peer Synergy is currently expanding its e-business streaming platform to support two-way streaming between Chinese and international venues. It is aggressively signing international and Chinese artists to use the East-West Cultural Bridge to sell and stream on the World Stage.


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