• Shanghai Leyi Culture Media Co.

    a-Peer Holding Group is the majority investor in Shanghai Leyi Culture Media Company, Ltd. (Leyi Culture), a Chinese company that uses a-Peer's business technologies to stream and sell digital media (music, video, film, TV, etc.) in China’s massive social media networks

    Leyi Culture provides an “expressway” to securely sell international artists’ and companies’ digital and physical products in China. Its business service offerings include:

    • » Digital Content Production and Sales
      » Concert Tours and Artist Management
      » Marketing and Promotions in China
      » Live Streaming In and Out of China
      » Digital Broadcasting Services
      » Onsite and Online Education Services
      » Business Services to Creative Companies


    See Leyi Culture’s Website for details.


  • China Music Industry Park (CMIP)

    The National China Music Industry Park (CMIP, 国家音乐产业基地) is a business “Hub” for the modern China music industry. It provides domestic and international businesses with resources to safely conduct and expand business in China successfully and profitably.

    The CMIP provides a-Peer’s and Leyi Culture’s client companies and artists with a comprehensive set of business, technology and government resources, including but not limited to:

    • » Tax Breaks and Economic Incentives
      » Digital and Physical Product Distribution
      » Production and Studio Services
      » Business and Office Resources
      » Grant Programs for New Businesses


    Learn more about the CMIP ...

  • Yunbo Entertainment e-Platform

    a-Peer works with Leyi Culture’s Yunbo Entertainment digital sales platform to acquire and produce music, video, film, TV programs and live concerts streams for the Chinese and world markets. Its mission is to increase Chinese and Western cultural understanding with interactive music, concerts and other performance events.

    Yunbo Entertainment’s Facebook site promotes Leyi Culture’s artists. Yunbo Entertainment also has a dedicated e-commerce site allowing consumers to buy artist’s digital and physical products:

    Learn more about the Website ...


Please email inquiries to: info@leyimedia.com


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